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Delivering Exceptional HR Services since 1997

We have been assisting enterprises in harnessing the true potential of HR processes through faultless outsourcing models. Achieving lasting corporate success calls for smart strategizing and that’s how we have proved our prowess across myriads of HR verticals. Today, we are one of the most influential HR outsourcing companies in India with an impressive footprint across the industrial facet.

Permanent Staffing

Recruiting highly skilled resources that can fit into the organization for long term associations. Backed by extensive background

Temporary Staffing

Potential alternative to debacle seasonal behavior of business! Recruiting and managing the most suitable contractual workforce for

Payroll Management

Offering simpler salary and allowance processing services that meet accuracy and improved compliance. We do it all for you!

Regulatory Compliance

Aligning your internal HR policies and resource hiring strategies with the regulations as laid down by the state law. Let our experts handle

Company Process Restructuring

Diagnosing your organization’s existing process behavior and implementing effective remedies for areas of improvement and critical

HR Shared services

Shouldering the HR burden at every level and thus encouraging resource steering towards areas of innovation and research. We do it with

The Difference we bring

Every enterprise is different and so are the challenges they go through. With an intricate focus on the exclusivity of business, we implement strategies that fix gaps across HR verticals. As a full services HR outsourcing company, we have been assisting companies with Payrolls Management, Compliance Monitoring, and large-scale staffing. HR is a critical business function. Are you managing it well?

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Hospital Management

Maintain Patient's details. Create new Appointments and Consultation for Patients.

School ERP

Have a secure place to collect and store all student data. Enrollment, parent’s info, address, sibling info, course material, course schedule,

Hotel Management

In HMS manage Reservation, Booking , Resturant , Room Manage , Staff Manage


Buying and Inventory. Automatically raise Material Requests, send Purchase Orders to Suppliers, and record Purchase Receipts.

Retails Service

Retails ERP has touch-friendly Point of Sales interface which is linked to billing, payments and Inventory.

Manufacturing ERP

Maintain the list of all materials and operations that are required in making your finished product.

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