Temp Staffing

Potential alternative to debacle seasonal behavior of business! Recruiting and managing the most suitable contractual workforce for your organization.

Payroll Management

Offering simpler salary and allowance processing services that meet accuracy and improved compliance. We do it all for you!

Compliance Management

Aligning your internal HR policies and resource hiring strategies with the regulations as laid down by the state law. Let our experts handle it!

Permanent Staffing

Recruiting highly skilled resources that can fit into the organization for long term associations. Backed by extensive background verification and strict short listing.

Process Structuring

Diagnosing your organization’s existing process behavior and implementing effective remedies for areas of improvement and critical significance.

HR Shared Services

Shouldering the HR burden at every level and thus encouraging resource steering towards areas of innovation and research. We do it with you!

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Why choose Gretis as your trusted partner

Startups, Small scale businesses, Medium scale businesses and large enterprises from versatile industrial backgrounds have benefited from us. Our tailor made services sync exactly to the capacity and scope of your core business processes.
Gretis brings over a decade full of substantial experience in serving the industry. Began as a small staffing agency, Gretis accounts for a spearheading the end to end HR structuring, Resources management, finances and Compliance management for large scale enterprises.
Gretis aims to eliminate redundant costs that come into play during real time implementations. This could be achieved through smarter processes, efficient technology use and an experienced human resource at work. Abbreviated prices stapled with no compromise at quality.
Keeping intact our values of transparency at work, Gretis is committed towards ensuring confidentiality and accuracy of client data with outmost priority. With dedicated teams for every client, we could achieve null error in daily reporting