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Company Process Restructuring

The company’s entire operational structure is evaluated and areas of improvement or removal are identified. Considering your enterprise’ professional ambitions and scalability, we create efficient channels to easily implement changes without affecting the overall existing workflow. The potential alternative to debacle seasonal behavior of business

  • Organizational Study Analysis
  • Process Improvements
  • Creating & defining Policies & Procedures
  • IT Information Human Resource & Data Management
  • Organizational study & Analysis

We perform a thorough research on the capacity of your enterprise, the speculated challenges; targeted vs. achieved ROI, strengths and weak pointers in the employee hierarchy. A round of cross discussions, surveys, critical thinking and the organization’s ability to implement tested protocols is taken into consideration.

Ultimately, our internal teams frame a customized HR structure that fits well to eliminate the complexities and abbreviates unpredictable costing

Process Improvements

Based on the conclusions in the previous phase, possible improvements and necessary modifications are brought on board and given due recognition at different verticals of the HR Admin flowchart.

Defining policies and Procedures

Abiding by all legal norms and provisions, we help you adapt the most suitable policies and review them for legal approval. This helps inappropriate implementation across business units and centralizing access through online portals

Centralized online HR portal

Complementing the trends, we recommend deployment of online data Systems that help in central and accurate exchange of information for the HR department and the employees. We have been assisting clients in establishing a dedicated web-based Self-service HR system that can cater to functions like leave application and approval/refusal, access to pay slips, appraisal updates etc.