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HR Shared services

Shouldering the burden at every level of HR tasks

In an endeavour to transform your HR department into a centre of excellence and mutual growth, Gretis offers sharing of various HR Shared management Services and ease the burden off your HR professionals. Thus, the saved resources can be utilized for other areas of innovation. With an attested cost reduction rate of up to 40%, we adhere to confidentiality and transparency at HR outsourcing services and information.

As an HR consultancy, we offer following services:

  • Onboarding/Termination
  • Maintenance of Employee records
  • Structuring Taxes & Statutory management Compensation benefits & Payroll.

While providing dedicated support for all types of HR consultancy services, we ensure all HR related grievances are addressed promptly. While we operate on assigned tasks, you steer focus on strategic issues. Ultimately, reduced escalation rates directly reflect in process efficiency.

  • While providing client specific HR shared services, we adhere to:
  • Improvise routine transactional and administrative services
  • Achieve lower HR delivery costs
  • Enhanced levels of customer satisfaction and legal compliance

Focus on higher-value operational and consultative services (e.g., recruitment, employee relations) for better-quality outcomes.

We not only offer HR Shared services but also offer payroll management, permanent staffing and best temporary staffing solutions. We are one of the best HR shared managemnt services provider with experience in dealing with several market sectors. Also, we are one of first HR companies to have incorporated modern methodology and practices in our work process to deliver best results.