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Payroll Management

Faster, easier payroll that unlocks insights and improves compliance. Get more from our Payroll management consulting services through better integration and Consolidation supported by our vast years of experience. Outsource payroll and statutory compliance related activities to Gretis and still maintain complete control over your payroll process.

Hassle-free Payroll Outsourcing Management Consulting Services

Our Payroll outsourcing management consulting services Expertise covers all the parts of your business that touch –and are touched by – by your payroll functions. We devote our valuable time in tracking service payroll or negotiating rates with benefit providers. Our Team of Payroll Experts will help manage Better Payroll for you which means: Putting payroll into the hands of employees, wherever they are Gretis gives you multiple payroll management options for paying your employees

Time Tracking & Leave Management

  • An experienced expert payroll manager team

  • Managing vacations and leaves

  • Scheduling time & Attendance when you need it
  • Analyzing and reporting on your labor force
  • These tools, backed by our unrivalled support and expertise, will transform how you track time and and attendance, and what it means to your business.

Salary/Payroll processing

Gretis offers end to end payroll services in India with hands on expertise in complex transactions. Besides monthly salary computing, we manage payrolls for probationary and contractual employees, computing arrears and other lateral payments, Third party payments, Bonus calculation and others.

  • Maintaining employee master data

  • Updating onetime payment of incentives, bonuses and deductions.
  • Arrears falling under Wage agreement.
  • Prepare salary sheets, paychecks& pay slips
  • Generating frequent reports for
  • Pay Slip
  • Tax Sheet
  • Provisional Tax Computation Sheet
  • Form 12B (TDS) Details
  • Travel Claims & reimbursement processing

Our streamlined protocols help with assessing authenticity of the reimbursement claims lodged by an employee. In case the application is rejected, the justifications for the same are immediately reported and updated on the website. Plus, our dedicated Outsourced Payroll Management Services teams are accessible to attend any queries.

TDS Management (Tax Management)

Tax management is a critical function in Payroll management processing. At Gretis, we are committed to error free and timely Tax deposits and filing returns for every employee. Subsequently, our Payroll experts verify the validity of investment proofs according to:

  • Date of investment

  • Payee
  • Type of investment
  • Statutory Payments as per Labour Acts

Abiding by the Labour Acts in India, discharging prompt and accurate monthly salaries and other payments to the employees, stays our utmost priority. Ensuring your HR Admin policies stay in sync with the regulations, we are well versed with the following significant labour acts:

  • Payment of Wages Act
  • PF &Misc Provisions Acte
  • Minimum Wages Act
  • Maternity Benefit Act
  • Factories Act
  • Shop and Establishment Act
  • Labor Welfare Fund
  • Bonus Act
  • ESI Act
  • Contract Labor Regulation and Abolition Act
  • Other Labor Regulations as applicable
  • Services Offered