About Us

The soaring HR Outsourcing requirement is evident from a progressive $50 billion market space that continues to influence different scales of enterprises across industrial stretch.
At Gretis, we bring the most suitable workforce on board and reduce the nuisances involved in recruiting and sustaining talent personnel.

Gretis – Over the Years

Founded in 1997, Gretis has witnessed the transforming trends in the HR practices at different levels and thus has evolved along with them. Complementing the significance of increased workforce and managing them smartly, Gretis offers an extensive range of HR outsourcing solutions for different industrial types.
Be it Staffing solutions (Temporary and Permanent) or Functional processing (Payrolls, Salary, Compliance management) or providing expert assistance at structuring the entire HR foundation, we do it all
Based on an enterprise’ scale and capacity, we are committed to carve custom solutions and thus help abbreviate costs. Accordingly, small, medium and large scale companies have been relying upon us for a splendid stint at HR processes.

Corporate Vision

To become the most reputed HR Outsourcing and solutions providing agency with a focus on utilizing emerging technologies and bringing the most talented HR consultants on board.
Our Values

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