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About Us

About Us

Just like it’s impossible to build a skyscraper without a strong foundation, it is impossible to achieve lasting corporate success without having right people in the team. As the old cliché goes, the team is always a sum total of its components. We at Gretis India, understand the importance of having qualified and capable employees and strive to provide the same for our clients.

Since 1997, we have proved our prowess at providing myriads of HR services again and again. Whether it is providing professionals that fit perfectly our client’s needs or assisting in organizational processes, we have perfected HR services.

Gretis India is an ever evolving, dynamic and experienced HR services provider, based in Chandigarh but providingservices that aren’t constricted by geographical limitations. Not matter where you are based in our vast country, we will serve your needs with seasoned expertise.

We have modern and efficient processes in place that help us in providing world class services and solutions. We are committed towards rendering well-structured HR services that ensure our clients get things done in shortest time period as well at the lowest costs possible. We can guarantee that with our assistance your organization will be able to effect a seamless expansion. What makes us best player in our field is that we stay ahead of evolutionary and progressive trends and developments.

We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from all our clients. They have acknowledged our efficiency in providing cost effective services, which in turn helps maximize profitability and fulfil corporate potential.

We also offer range of IT services in form of various ERP solutions that assist client organizations in automating various processes and in streamlining the whole business model. Our ERP solutions have helped various companies in enhancing productivity and overall output.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide high quality HRservices by adopting the best practices in the industry. We aim to provide HR services across the broad spectrum of processes with customized approach for various operational procedures of the organization.

We also have developed and adopted a company policy to enforce the best practices. Our company policy serves as a guide for the employees to put forth ethically sound and morally correct behaviour. It also ensures that the integrity of the workplace is respected and professional decorum is maintained.

All the business operations and procedural interactions are carried on in accordance with set ethical and legal standards. We commit our expectations clearly to our clients and our business partners. It is our unwavering commitment to set the highest possible standards in professionalism while carrying out business relationships.

We are also very clear in communicating our expectations to our employees and making sure that our employees uphold the same ethical values that our organization espouses. We also provide necessary tools and resources to our employees to serve our clients in the best way possible. Our employees have been informed that any non-compliance to company’s policy and ethical standards can lead to serious disciplinary action, which even includes termination of employee contract.

We encourage our employees to report any suspected behaviour and actions through the various communication channels. The employees can opt to remain anonymous in their reporting. We make sure that there is no retaliation against the individuals that are doing the great service of reporting inconsistencies or bad practices within workforce.

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