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Learn how GretisIndia is innovating with payroll outsourcing services in 2019.

Having witnessed the HR industry for over two decades, the teams at GretisIndia have evolved and learned the nuances of resolving complexities through highly customized payroll outsourcing services. One of the most significant learning has been the importance of customization – a standard template will not work for all and that a tailored made approach could only help streamline an enterprise’s payroll functions.

Myths about HR professionals & their roles that you must get right

Just a team of happy people engaged in employee well-being and enforcing rules is the most common yet surreal understanding of job roles in Human Resources and Capital Management. Surprisingly, that is why most people want to take up HR as their area of core in management courses. Little do they realize that it’s a critical profession wherein the managers are directly held responsible for employee burnout and lowered reputation in the industry.

Top 5 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trends every HR must know

Major enterprises are slowly opening to the idea of BYOD (Bring Your Device) and that has thrown up some pretty exciting scenarios and challenges such as internal governance, security and data breach. How are things expected to pace up this year and how are companies getting prepared for the same? Here are Top 10 BYOD (Bring Your Device) trends to follow in 2018.

AI-driven security

The Fascinating Role of AI in HRM Systems – Here’s what your company should have done

As per Deloitte, 33% of employees expect augmentation of their jobs by AI. Moreover, a recent survey’s findings state that around 38% of enterprises have already started using AI in their workplaces while the rest 62% expect to bring it to use by the end of 2018. A survey of HR executives at IBM concluded that around 49% of employees believe AI will transform their payroll and benefits administration. Also, about 46% of them held a belief that AI will bring a transformation in their talent acquisition quality.

Super Effective tips to Conduct Interviews

As the employment market explodes, the candidates of today are blessed with ample choices to make and engage with employers that complement their skills, availability and even lifestyle. Subsequently, the role of the recruiters becomes more than imperative to select the right candidate; someone who resonates to the organization’s philosophy and vision.

2018 is the year of experimentation – here’s how HR will benefit from the rapid transformation

Only 19% of surveyed HR professionals believe their organization has the most appropriate work culture and that there are considerable possibilities to improve and innovate. In fact, the art to keep the employees in good humor, resonating to their aspirations are areas of prime concern. From the infamous practice of trying to please the boss to focus on the employees, HR has channeled through an evolution worth learning from. Detaching from the traditional work ecosystem of permanent hiring, getting resources as per the demand, on time-bound contracts is the newest rage.

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