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Why Should An Organization Go For Payroll Outsourcing
Payroll is a key function of the human resource professionals and its timely error-free management is directly linked with the employee morale and productivity. Delay or incorrectness in payroll processing leads to dissatisfaction among the workforce. As a consequence, productivity is hampered. Here’s Why Should An Organization Go For Payroll Outsourcing.

Payroll outsourcing helps in overcoming these issues by offering hassle-free services in a cost-effective manner. More and more organizations opt for outsourcing payroll management to utilize their in-house manpower in more profitable ventures and also manage the complex calculations effectively.

End-to-end payroll function includes management of the employee details, leave management, salary computation with deduction and statutory compliances in accordance with the prevalent labour laws. Outsourcing payroll management offers a myriad of advantages to the organizations that we will look into in the succeeding sections:

Better Time Utilization:

Payroll is a time-consuming process and a lot of time and effort goes in processing it timely with 100% accuracy. In addition to this, handling employee grievances related to the taxable deductions and salary disbursements also take up most of their productive time. The payroll outsourcing does away with these drawbacks. It gives the employees, earlier involved in manual payroll processing, to focus on revenue generation, thus contributing towards increasing the organization’s productivity.

Gretis offers payroll services for corporate, which cater to the different payroll requirements of the clients with precision.

Cut Down On Cost:

Outsourcing the payroll services helps to bring down the organization’s overall cost in the long term, thus maximizing its profits. Be it a small and medium enterprise or a large organization, an in-house payroll software involves regular costs on software licenses, troubleshooting and maintenance which can be done away with by hiring the payroll outsourcing services.

At Gretis India, our team of professionals understands the varying requirements of the clients and accordingly, offers cost-effective payroll services to enable smooth functioning and management of payroll function.

Access To Latest Technology:

A payroll outsourcing company uses the latest payroll software for efficiently carrying out the complex payroll management functions. They constantly update it with new versions to make the processing more smooth and employee-friendly.

Gretis, the payroll outsourcing company in India, provides its clients with the latest payroll management software that can make the tedious task of maintaining all the employee details at one place uncomplicated and user-friendly.

Employee Access To Payroll Information:

Automated payroll management has lent a greater degree of transparency to the process. It becomes simpler and easier for the employees to get information on leave balance and salary deductions by accessing their payroll information online. The employees can access their payroll information at the click of a mouse. This does not let dissatisfaction creep in among employees due to incorrect or incomplete dissemination of their payroll details. As a result, higher levels of satisfaction lead to increased productivity, higher profits, with the organization scaling new heights.

Gretis offers its clients a host of human resource services ranging from staffing and payroll management to compliance management and company process restructuring. Our payroll outsourcing consulting services experts assist organizations in managing payroll efficiently, in line with their specific needs. Surely, Gretis is a one-stop shop for the fulfillment of your Human resource department requirements to help you grow and scale newer heights.


HR Process Restructuring
In every business organization’s lifecycle, there comes a stage when growth rate starts plunging, employee productivity dwindles and stagnation starts setting in. Then it’s time to introspect and evaluate the causes, the outcome of which might suggest some kind of restructuring within the organization. This could mean a change in how people are hired, how do they work and communicate internally as well as with external stakeholders—as advised by the existing HR framework. This could be termed as HR process restructuring or HR services restructuring.

The process of HR process restructuring entails a study of legacy HR framework in the organization or the absence of it, suggesting changes or upgrading the framework and seeing through the implementation of the new framework. Ideally, this must be done by a specialist HR agency, well-versed and experienced in business process reengineering focused on Human Resource Management.

What Does It Bring Forth?

First and foremost, the goals of the HR process restructuring initiative must be clear whether it to enhance employee productivity, ensure cost optimization, eliminate waste, manage interpersonal and inter-departmental conflicts, or increase customer engagement.

For the HR framework revamp to work, it is pertinent to implement it with employee support and participation. The best way is to start with a team of change agents, selected from various ranks and levels of employees and ensure smooth change management process. All the steps and actions to be taken in the restructuring must be clearly communicated through official and formal channels to avoid any chaos caused by grapevine or any kind of informal chains of communication.

Elaborating upon the changes to expect, employees must be informed that they might get to see change in reporting structures or hierarchies—from a pyramidal structure to a flat one or vice versa and may be from functional organization to a projectized one. The job roles might see a change too, implying a change in pay structures or emolumentary benefits.

An important aspect is to inform all key stakeholders such as customers and vendors about the internal change and how it will affect them too. One of the most predictable outcomes could be extended turnaround times in case the concerned team or department is engaged with the Change Management team while undergoing the restructuring process.

Role Of HR Agency

The role of HR agency entrusted with the task of executing the process revamp is highly critical. It must have access to all the information needed to assess the legacy process and the human capital. An employee-skillset mapping is prepared to understand the current capabilitiesand learning gaps that must be fulfilled through learning and training initiatives. If there is need for RIF (Reduction in force), the agency may come up with a plan to communicate with the employees who might be laid off and a plan to deal with legalities involved with labour rights and related laws. The project team must also be free to speak to employees at all levels and gather information on pain areas in their respective task workflows. Only then would they be able to make effective changes to the HR framework and propel the organization on its path of growth and increased profitability.

Gretis India is one such reliable and accomplished HR agency that has executed several HR process restructuring projects in the past. Get in touch to know more about experiences in the past projects and the learnings therein.


Permanent Staffing Solutions
Permanent Staffing Solutions
are offered by recruitment or staffing agencies to organizations that outsource a part of or the entire HR function to an
HR services agency. Permanent staffing is called so because the employees are hired for a long term, which more or less a permanent kind of employment. Such an employment is needed for those organizations that have certain job roles that are always relevant. Apart from the salary, the permanent staff is also entitled to many other benefits such as Retirement Benefits (PF, Gratuity), Paid Vacations, Subsidized Healthcare or Health Insurance, Yearly Bonuses and Travel Allowances. As a result, job seekers too prefer being hired for a permanent position considering the benefits, career stability and a regular income too. Let’s find out when is it advisable to go for an organization to hire permanent staff.

  1. Main Business Offering: Every business organization offers a certain set of services or products for its customers. The workforce need to produce those products or deliver services on an ongoing basis must always be on board for a long term. It takes times to train people for specialized roles and then it takes a while for them to master their roles and optimize their efficiencies. There is always a need of a hierarchical setup in terms of tenure, and degree of operational knowledge of skillset. So, it is always recommended that the operations team has people of varying experience and expertise to be able to deal with problems of different kinds and at different levels, effectively.

  1. Management: All the senior and middle management employees must essentially be hired on a permanent-employment basis. The Senior Managers and the Line Managers create and preserve the company culture as advised by the founders or top leaders of the organization. A perfect organizational environment can be created only when the managers have spent a long time in the organization and grown within the organization, climbing up the ladder. The knowledge base needed to deal with complex problems needs knowledge of projects executed in the past in the form of documents such as case studies, project reports or white papers. Whether the knowledge base is well documented and well managed or not, the knowledge does exist in the memories of the middle managers. So, a permanent employment strategy works out best for managerial roles.

With the help of Recruitment Agencies offering Permanent Staffing Services, organizations can share the job descriptions for various roles and hire the right kind of talent. It would be best to remain consistent with a particular Permanent Staffing Agency for the human resource or staffing needs since they would understand the hiring needs clearly and may easily find the people who fit well in the organization.

  1. Support Staff: There is a category of job functions that aren’t needed all the time. Their need comes up when there is a spike on volume of work and the demand might go down in a slack period. In such scenarios, it may not be best to hire permanent employees. Instead, these positions can be filled with temporary staffing or contractual employment.

A full scale HR services agency like Gretis India is capable of providing permanent staffing solutions for all kinds of needs whether they are for permanent employees or short-term employment.

Beyond hiring or staffing, Gretis offers services in payroll management, statutory compliance management, corporate compliance, HR shared services and company process restructuring. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can help improve your organization’s HR function effectiveness.


Recruitment Agencies And Placement Services
When faced with immediate and urgent requirement to hire a large number of people, business enterprises look towards Recruitment Agencies and Placement Services for employers in India. Your company might be about to get a large order to process within a short span of time and you think you need to scale up your workforce by 25%, 50% or by its double. Any bulk requirement for a specific kind of talent needs extensive outreach among the job-seekers in that area and an ensuing tedious process of shortlisting, screening and selection. This can only be accomplished by extremely resourceful, reliable, experienced and well-equipped recruitment agencies and placement services. Let’s take a look at the parameters that help identify some of them such as Gretis India.

Industry-Specific Expertise:

Recruitment Agencies and Placement Services for employers seeking specialized work force or skilled individuals always have a large number of profiles shortlisted for industry-specific expertise. They categorize resumes and profiles for various roles in a wide variety of industries and functions such as IT, Manufacturing, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Customer Care, Banking and Finance, Insurance or Education.

Wider Reach:

The Recruitment Agencies and Placement Services you would like to hire as the employers must have access to a large number of job-seekers for each job role you are looking out for. It is only when they begin the screening process with a large number of profiles that they would end up finding the bunch of talented people that fit the bill in all the criteria such as knowledge, skills, experience, attitude, and expected salaries. The recruitment agency you can rely on will not just depend on web search for people. They should be capable of going on full throttle to possibly gather all the talent available in the country for your need.

Prudent Screening Process:

The screening process followed at the Recruitment Agencies and Placement Services for employers must match your expectations and a certain quality benchmark. It should test each candidate’s employability on parameters such as knowledge, skills and attitude. The interview questions, written tests or evaluation criteria must check the candidate’s match with the job description created by the employer.

Good Employee Retention Rate:

It is important to have an idea on how many of the candidates hired by Recruitment Agencies and Placement Services for employers will stay for a minimum duration such as a year or two. High employee attrition results in high cost of recruitment, which can affect the employer’s profitability. So, it is pertinent to have a good employee retention rate.

Follow-up Action:

Try to find out which one of the Recruitment Agencies and Placement Services for employers are willing to spend time with you in checking the status of those hired during each round of hiring. The numbers must come out telling how many joined from among those screened, shortlisted and selected. Also, how long did they stay and were really performing up to some agreeable level. The recruitment agencies must also be ready to step in if a candidate wants to leave abruptly right after hiring or during the induction process itself.

Quality Assurance:

The best Recruitment Agencies and Placement Services for employers must always be in a position to claim that they will adhere to the recruiting processes and techniques promised by them at the initiation stage of hiring contract. They should be ethical and promise only what they can deliver or deliver all that they promise.

Gretis India is a recruitment agency and placement services partner for employer organizations in Chandigarh and NCR region in India. At Gretis, we aspire to be all that we have listed down as the criteria that will make us one among the best recruitment agencies and placement services in India.



Best Payroll Outsourcing Services In 2017

An Online Payroll Management System comes with a lot of advantages that can contribute towards achieving higher efficiencies in an organization’s HR operations. The best payroll outsourcing services in 2017 have essentially focused on automating the payroll processing as a first measure towards better productivity and accuracy in HR processes. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of implementing an Online Payroll Management System with the help of a full-scale HR support agency such as Gretis India.

Lesser Human Effort

It used to be a time-consuming process to have a person dedicated for the purpose of maintaining the payroll records for an organization. With growth in number of employees, high attrition rate, different salary groups, yearly salary hikes leading to change in tax slabs; it was too much of human effort to a process that could be automated easily. Adopting an Online Payroll Management System doesn’t only reduce the human effort. It has far better impact in other ways listed below.

Quick Processing

The best payroll outsourcing services in 2017 are ensuring the promptness in payroll processing to adhere to predicted schedules and quality benchmarks. With an Online Payroll Management System, there is little dependency on human efforts and the execution is automated. So there isn’t any need of setting reminders, supervision for teams, and freeing up people for once a month activity.

Easy to Update

It is easy to update the salary and tax changes in the records of an Online Payroll Management System so that changes take effect and automatically give the revised tax deductions for every employee’s salary and tax calculations.

Flawless Computations

Quality is the one of the most stressed determinants of the best payroll outsourcing services in 2017. The salary and tax computations for every single employee must be accurate, which is almost a guarantee in an Online Payroll Management System. It avoids all the disputes arising from errors in calculations.

Reduced Effort on Corrections

The disputes resulting out of incorrect or erroneous tax calculations could result in a number of disgruntled employees. The dissatisfaction and efforts spent in setting things right consumes quite a lot of productive time of the workforce. An Online Payroll Management System, which is designed properly and used by trained professionals leaves little room for errors and therefore saves the effort needed to rectify errors.

So, the best payroll outsourcing services in 2017 would be those that focus on using tools and techniques that bring about efficiency and higher quality in all processes. For payroll processes, it begins with implementation of an effective, agile and robust Online Payroll Management System.

Gretis India is one such full-scale HR services provider in India that facilitates the entire process of identifying the right set of tools, techniques and processes for private businesses and public institutions alike. Get in touch with us if you would like to have one of the best payroll outsourcing services in 2017 help you achieve excellence in HR processes and operations. We would be keen to bring operational excellence in your HR practices to make you a quality-driven organization.


All global and multi-national businesses have an indispensable need of best regulatory compliance and payroll outsourcing services as they must comply with the locale-specific payroll and statutory standards to carry on business in a state or country. One sure-shot way of meeting the best regulatory compliances is to hire a third-party agency that expertise in delivering regulatory compliance and payroll outsourcing services for businesses. The payroll and statutory outsourcing includes accurate and timely calculation of salary, reimbursement of expenses, also ensuring the benefits and retirement disbursement keeping in tune with the legal aspects. Filing various returns, calculations, deductions and verification proof of the total investments are also part of it.

A full range of payroll outsourcing services covers many aspects such as accurate calculation of salary, repayment of expenditure and also giving retirement payouts. It also includes the management of paperwork from the time of the employees’ entry to their exit from the organization, which is done to ensure easy, quick and smooth management of employee records. The time, attendance, loans and leaves taken are recorded and tabulated, based on which further decisions are taken. Some tools such as the Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) are brought in use to ensure data safety, integrity and continuity of business in case of any adverse events. For accomplishing this challenging task, adept and proficient staff is required round the year. Various technical and non-technical issues such as inefficient manual processes may arise, causing hindrance in achieving operational scale and excellence.

Regulatory compliance outsourcing services refers to outsourcing of processes that ensure compliance with the law of the land. The businesses must ensure that the outsourcing of work is in accordance with the business norms of the state or country. In order to steer clear of penalties and to be acquiescent, it is necessary to keep a close check on the evolving labor laws, taxation laws and other regulatory legalities. Only a reliable, experienced and best regulatory compliance outsourcing services provider might fulfill the needs of the organizations willing to outsource statutory processes.

Gretis is an accomplished regulatory compliance services provider, which stays updated on business laws and provides reliable compliance services to its esteemed clients. Thus, Gretis India provides services such as audit of statutory and compliance, labor laws and coordination. The company is equipped to serve a wide number of industries and enterprises irrespective of their sizes, whether small, medium or large.

At Gretis, the most effective payroll outsourcing services are initiated; thereby cutting down on the time, cost and investment of assets. Deployment of cutting-edge strategies helps in the growth of our clients’ businesses. The legal experts here ensure that our clients stay well aware of the changes in the labor laws. Whenever needed, they might act as an interface between various departments within or outside the organization. Here at Gratis, our work efficiency increases with tools such as reliable mobile notifications and automatic reminders to help the managers and also the employees in knowing about leave and benefit approvals and so on.

Get in touch if you are looking for a reliable and competent payroll management and regulatory or statutory compliance services provider. We would be happy to walk you through our processes and answer your questions.


top payroll outsourcing services
When you are searching for top payroll outsourcing services provider, you must keep in mind some important parameters that help in making a decision. First and foremost, the staffing agencies that are entrusted with outsourcing employees or workforce must always adhere to regulatory compliances enforced by the local laws. Unless they are compliant themselves, how can they ensure those regulatory compliances for their clients?

What Does Payroll Outsourcing Imply?

It is pertinent to know what all goes under Payroll Outsourcing before outsourcing the payroll services to a full scale HR services provider. It requires a proper record management of your employees’ details such as terms of employment, tenure, personal records, periodical appraisal data, salaries, deductions, taxes and any other information critical towards meeting regulatory compliances. An organization needs to keep a record of their employees’ investments and savings that enable tax rebates. Then, there is responsibility of keeping track contributions towards Employees Provident Fund or Health Insurance and any withdrawals regarding the same. In a nutshell, you payroll outsourcing services payroll services vendor must act as an extension of your organization, taking responsibility of all compliances on your behalf.

Why Do You Need Outsourcing Employees From Staffing Agencies?

It is a well-known fact that maintaining a full scale Human Resources team or department may incur a permanently recurring cost as long as the organization would carry on business. For those organizations striving to bring down the costs, they can very well reduce the burden of retaining the teams that aren’t used all the year around such as HR and specifically the staffing team. This function can easily be outsourced to an external agency that does hiring for many other similar companies while having a regular inflow of available talent or resources.

What Does A Staffing Agency Do For You?

A staffing agency gets you the people you require for all the possible job roles and descriptions. Once authorized as a recruiting partner, they start from the word ‘Go’ and float the jobs in the market with job role, descriptions and other details. The staffing agency may receive hundreds of resumes or at times, very few but they carry on the job of hunting more people, subsequently narrowing down to the best of them for interviews or assessments. After conducting the assessments based on the hiring guidelines from the clients, they would select the final candidates and offer them salaries according to specified budgets. Upon acceptance of the offer by the selected candidates, the agency starts the onboarding process such as issuing offer letters, appointment letters, facilitating the joining formalities, and reporting the office on the specified date and venue. Ensuring a flawless execution can be made possible only by an experienced and accomplished staffing agency such as Gretis India.

Gretis India is full scale HR shared services provider for government and business corporations in India. With decades of experience in executing countless engagements and hiring talent in huge numbers, Gretis comes out as a potential full-scale HR services provider whether it is payroll outsourcing services, outsourcing employees, staffing solutions or ensuring regulatory compliances.


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