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Associate with Us and Run Your Own Business

Run your own company by becoming partners with Gretis India a leading HR Outsourcing and Staffing Company. Backed by an extensive stint of over a decade, we are serving Government, Semi-Government, Boards, Commission and Multinational Companies. Gretis aims at creating more channels and explore new markets. Complementing the same, Our Franchise Partnership Program in the pipeline is part of our expansion plan for the near future.

Who we are looking for?

Any ambitious start up or a running agency that carries in depth knowledge about the industries and the staffing trends in their own region could easily work in sync with us. We are looking for industry-experienced individuals, who will be provided with proper sales and public relations training while they would participate in multi-step marketing campaigns. If you are looking for a wonderful business proposal to let your business leap forward, we have a myriad of options for business-minded people like you.

What you get

  • Accomplished control over regional operations
  • Work in a Stress-free environment with no expenses or overheads!
  • Lucrative profit sharing and other lateral benefits
  • Complete guidance and support from us in executing on field strategies

Come partner with us and revolutionize your biz world!

Enjoy premium for your contribution in terms of conversion of leads, network sharing and overall business expansion.

Get in touch with us and explore more insights about this lucrative opportunity.

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