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Good Practice at Work

Good practise at Work

Human Resources Best Practices As an employer, you would want your employees to deliver their best possible effort every single time, but how do you make that possible? Well, one way to do that is to provide them with improved services day in and day out. Such strategic plans and functional activities that ensure doing that are collectively termed as Human Resources Best Practices. In case that makes perfect sense to you, then read on. How do you become employer of choice? You would want to be the employer of choice for the best minds in the industry, where potential employees should yearn to work for. Hence, leaving a lasting impression on everyone is desired. That is made possible by laying down best practices for candidate selection and recruitment, which include setting up systems for candidate tracking and communicating with them regularly. In this way, you are going to earn a reputation that you do not keep potential employees in dark and that people are made aware of their recruitment status. How do you ensure employee retention? Well, not many companies take employee retention too seriously. In fact, most companies happened to limit their HR spending to less than one-third of their overall budget, as established by a survey by outsource provider and consulting company Ceridian, conducted in February 2010. In addition, you would not become the employer of choice by simply handing out fat pay packages to employees. You earn that title by providing them value for their jobs; improve job satisfaction among them and by boosting their morale. Performance Management Every employer has an important obligation towards his or her employees – of performance management with the means of regular performance appraisal. That essentially involves understanding their expectations and providing them the right set of tools for enhancing their learning and productivity.To sum up, Human Resources best practices are often overlooked by most employers, but its has tremendous potential in terms of enhancing employees’ performance.

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