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Since 1997, GRETIS has been providing range of quality HR services across more than 100 locations with the services proffered in Infrastructure, Medical, Legal, Sports, IT, Tourism, Education Sector, Agriculture Sector, Pharmaceutical, Media & Entertainment, Food Sector, Banking and Poverty Alleviation Sector.

1. Medical Sector – The medical sector includes various private and government affiliated Hospitals and Medical Institutes. It also includes the number of Drug De Addiction centers set up to curb drug menace.

We have been providing HR services to the Medical Institutes and Hospitals including those that come under the affiliation of the Indian and state governments by helping fill all and any staff requirements. Our placed staff members have assisted above mentioned institutes and organizations in providing seamless and faultless healthcare services.

We have also provided assistance the Punjab government Drug De Addiction Centers in form of staffing solutions that includes recruiting Legal Consultants, Drug Counselors and Therapists.

2. Agriculture Sector – Any private or government owned organization that assists in farming or any other farming related tasks falls in this category.

And, we have been furnishing services in this sector by providing professional assistance to various Agricultural centers and organizations in procuring staff of Accountants, Field/Vegetable/Fruit Consultants and other clerical staff. We are one of the few HR agencies with years of experience in this sector. We have a unique experience of having worked with pioneers of the green revolution.

We have worked closely with various organizations in this category to provide highest quality of manpower resources, who have been screened and selected using clearly defined criterions and considering client requirements.

3. Infrastructure – The infrastructure sector broadly refers to any organization or company working to upgrade or build the basic public use buildings and other construction sites.

We have provided manpower as well as HR services in Infrastructure sector since 2004. We have helped various firms and corporates working in this sector in finding capable and skilled professionals for the post of Manager’s/ Sr. Manager’s, Accounts officers, Site Inspectors, Superintendents etc.

Our assistance has allowed our clients working in infrastructure sector to focus on their projects without having to worry about their manpower needs or the quality of the new professionals joining their workforce.

4. Sports Sector – Since 2008, we have been providing HR services in the sports sector including government affiliated various sports coaching and operation centers and privately owned sports classes. Among other things, these services include procurement of Coaches, Administration & Clerical staff for our esteemed clients.

The organizations working in this sector usually have limited administrative staff and our services ensure that they aren’t under undue strain for procurement of HR resources and can focus on other important tasks.

5. Tourism –We have made a small yet significant contribution in advancement of the tourism sector by providing staff comprising of Tourist officers, guide cum Clerks, Visitor/Orientation service Assistants and Tour Supervisor. We are one of few HR agencies providing exemplary services in this sector.

We understand the importance of having qualified, competent and dignified professionals working in this sector as any incompetent and misbehaved gesture or action on part of professionals working in tourism can sully the reputation of particular tourist spot, area and even entire country.

6. Education Sector – The importance of the education sector in the advancement of the society can’t be emphasized enough. It is only surpassed by the importance and need of having professional and highly qualified professionals especially teaching staff in place

We have supplemented Schools & Colleges, Hospitality/ Technology institutes established at locations spread out across country with Teaching Staff, Teaching Associates, Supervisors, Instructors as well as Clerks.

Our various HR services has helped education institutes in providing quality education and in having a positive impact on the future of the society and country.

7. Pharmaceutical Sector – The pharmaceutical sector includes privately owned or government owned companies that manufacture healthcare products as well as medicines.

We have provided working staff such as General Manager, Customer Care Executives, IT Support Engineer, Sales force administrator, Infrastructure Engineers to the organizations and corporates working in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our holistic approach to HR solutions has helped various pharmaceutical companies in maximizing work efficiency as well as enhance the overall productivity of their corporate processes.

8. IT – The IT sector has one of the biggest shares in the market and also employs the most number of professionals in current times. The IT sector broadly comprises of software development firms, web designing organizations, database management companies and other corporates that work in information technology sphere.

We have assisted companies working in IT sector in finding proficient and able staff members that include Designers, Studio Managers, Testers, Administrators and Quality Executives.

We have been working with the IT sector more than one and half decade and have worked with the leading players in the sector. Along with helping find able professionals, we also provide other HR services in this sector including employee orientation.

9. Legal Sector – The legal sector umbrella shelters various Legal Authorities and Human Rights organizations. It also includes organizations and foundations affiliated to the state or central government.

We have helped legal sector organizations in locating skilled and experienced working professionals such as Computer Operators, Attendants, Restorer, Superintendents, Sr. Assistants, Stenographers and Drivers.

What makes us one of the leading HR services in legal sector is the fact that we understand sensitivity and subtlety of the various HR components involved in this sector.


10. Media & Entertainment – The media and entertainment sector includes various print publications, digital publications, digital media, internet media and advertising firms.

We have been providing services in the media and entertainment sector since 2000 and have allocated Supervisors, Administrator and Clerical staff to various corporate houses and organizations working in this particular field.

Our experience and expertise has helped us deliver quality HR services in this sector. We have a long history of cost effective and quality HRservices that have helped improve profile of our client corporates.

11. Food Sector – We have been working in collaboration with Food supply department for years now. We have provided HR services to various organizations all over the country and have furbished the food sector with Inspectors, Office Assistants, Programmers, Sr. Assistants and other staff etc.

Being one of the leading HR organizations, we have in depth knowledge of the market has helped us provide able and proficient professionals for this important sector.

12. Banking Sector – Since 2008, we have been helping private as well as government banks in finding the right candidate to fill various professional posts such as clerical staff & security staff.

We understand the risks and issues that arise from placement of wrong individual within this sensitive industry. Therefore, we have used our screening process to make sure that only trustworthy professionals are placed in the banking organization.

13. Poverty Alleviation Sector – For the implementation of the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan initiative in the Urban as well as Rural area, we have provided Community Development Officers, Mission Managers, Community Organizers, MIS assistants etc.

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