Temporary Staffing

Potential alternative to debacle seasonal behavior of business Temporary Staffing is an ideal solution for organizations which may be looking for additional supporting hands on nominal cost. It is a cost-effective alternative to supplement existing staff without incurring recruitment or training costs. Hiring individuals on a contract basis also allows your company to maintain allotted head count and retain the existing talent. Gretis India specializes in recruiting employees for short term commitments or a specific project based requirement. We provide efficient process for staffing and manage the entire life cycle of employees. Based on the client’s requirement, we offer flexible solutions that range from a simple payroll service to total outsourced solutions. Besides ensuring lesser fraction of employees sitting on bench and adding to financial burdens, it is an effective recruitment protocol to keep a check on permanent employees being overloaded with work.Gretis India provides customized seasonal staffing solutions to meet extempore client demands at lesser costs.

We assist with end to end identification and hiring of temporary resources through:

Temporary Staffing with Gretis

Talent Management Grow and keep your best people with appropriate compensation management.

Online Boarding Accomplished training to use our secure human resources management system (HRMS) to quickly register online, easily view & update employee’s information based on their access level.

Operational reporting Reporting the current Daily, Monthly and Annual activities pertaining to recruitment & any other services performed by Gretis.

Employee benefits Administration Offering medical and health programs, retirement, supplemental benefits, workers’ compensation policy as per the statutory laws & regulations.

Payroll Tax Management

Accomplished guidance for TDS, Service Tax, Income & Professional taxes, manage tax payments and electronic filing requirements.

Exit Management

Simplify and handle your entire exit cycle, from Cessation of Employment to scheduling Exit interviews and in addition, confirming full & final settlement amounts to issuing relieving documents.